Celebrate with us! January 21st marks the 4th birthday of reVoiced, and this year is going to be huge!

Some big news for the new year…

We are sad to say goodbye to tenor John Patrick this year. He was a founding member of the group, a powerful performer, and still is a great friend. The group would not be where it is without his influence. Johnny will continue to live in Los Angeles, and you may see him onstage with reVoiced on occasion as a substitute. We hope you will join us in supporting his decision and wishing him the best in all his future endeavors!

We would like to introduce our newest member, Nate Tao. A native of Virginia, Nate now lives in Los Angeles, CA, and brings with him a strong performing resume and an incredible vocal skill set. You might have seen him on American Idol, where he blew the judges away with his rendition of ‘For Once in My Life,’ and made it as far as the top 40.

Nate joins the group with a sense of familiarity. ReVoiced’s Chris Rossi and Mark Hasman both sang with him at Ithaca College in their a cappella group, Ithacappella . His first show with the group followed an intense week of learning music, choreography, and spoken lines, and he proved to be a big hit with the audience. We are sure you’ll love him too!

Make sure you’re signed up for our VIP list from the home page, and keep an eye out for new videos featuring Nate coming soon!


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2 thoughts on “Big Announcements for 2016

  1. Barbara McKenna 1 year ago

    We just saw you perform on the Grandeur of the Seas. You were all awesome and amazing!!
    Hope to see you again. We live in New Jersey.

    1. Dele Opeifa 8 months ago

      Thank you! We had a great time on that cruise, and hope we get to see you again!