Bring Something Special to Your School

With the reVoiced Music in Schools Tour, you get the opportunity to bring a world-class vocal group to your school. Workshops with the choir, assemblies for the student body, and a full concert for the entire community. The best part? Your budget doesn’t shrink. It grows!¬†Scroll down to see how it works.

Pick A Date

Once we have enough interest from schools in a certain area, we start planning a Music in Schools Tour in that area. We will contact you to find a date that works with our travel schedule, and with your school district calendar. We commit to the date once it is set on the school calendar and approved by the administration.

Promote The Show

We provide all of the promotional materials you’ll need in digital format. Posters, letters to go home to parents, videos, radio commercial, we even create Facebook events and host online ticket sales. All you need to do is print and distribute the materials all over the community. We also consult on the most successful ways to pack the house.


Our world-class professional show is the perfect way to get students and the community charged and excited about music and creates a platform to deliver a message from the hosting organization. A portion of all the ticket sales are donated directly to the hosting organization, so the more people at the show, the better the fundraising!


Check out our FAQ section, then send us a message!